China’s auto sales rise as bank lending booms
22nd October 2013 by

Autos are now the largest single manufacturing industry in the world.  Not only do they directly an...

Investors decide central banks may not know what they are doing
30th September 2013 by

The blog was speaking last week at the major Euromoney investor conference on bond markets.  It fol...

China lending remains out of control ahead of November’s plenum
11th September 2013 by

The blog’s views on the unsustainability of China’s epic economic growth since 2009 hav...

Financial markets worry as Fed talks of ending stimulus
26th August 2013 by

After 5 years of government stimulus, policymakers are having to think about their exit plans.  US...

London’s £300m house
15th September 2012 by

Blog readers are often very successful people. So the blog thought you might like to know that the L...

‘Waiting for Bernanke’ is hottest show on Wall Street
23rd July 2012 by

‘Waiting for Godot’, the great play by Irish writer and Nobel Literature Prizewinner, Sa...

China’s leaders mark time till power handover
17th July 2012 by

How many more empty cities like Ordos does China really need? Are 64.5m empty apartments enough, or ...

China battles economic slowdown
19th June 2012 by

Wenzhou in coastal Zhejiang province was the first city to encourage private enterprise when China b...

PE demand decline highlights China risks
29th May 2012 by

China’s slowdown is continuing to gather pace. Polyethylene (PE) demand has been a very reliab...

A China ‘hard landing’ gets closer
15th May 2012 by

China’s leadership remain preoccupied with the transition to a new politburo in October, and t...

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