China’s speculative surge nears the end
8th February 2010 by

One can only feel sorry for China’s government leaders. A year ago, they faced 23m unemployed,...

China’s empty city
17th January 2010 by

The blog has come across an interesting example of the impact of China’s credit growth, courte...

China’s bank lending soars
14th July 2009 by

If you want a loan, go to China. That’s the message from the chart, courtesy of Credit Suisse,...

Lesson from Japan
15th December 2008 by

Japan went through its “bubble years” in the 1980’s, with the Nikkei index peaking...

Wal-Mart sales ‘below expectations’
8th February 2008 by

‘‘I despair at times at why the equity markets can’t see how serious the credit crunch is’, ...

Interesting Quotes
6th August 2007 by

Normally a 275 point fall on Wall Street, and a 600 point fall in Hong Kong, would make for some hea...

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