Russian crude supply ‘peaking’
16th April 2008 by

Russia is the world’s 2nd largest oil producer. And it has been the main source of increased crude...

Oil price volatility rises
24th March 2008 by

Volatility has been rising in the crude oil and feedstocks markets. This is because individual playe...

US$ falls below ¥100, crude goes above $110/bbl
13th March 2008 by

The US$ had now fallen through the ¥102 level, which has held since 1995, and went straight to the ...

Inflation worries increase in China, USA
11th March 2008 by

China announced yesterday that inflation had soared again last month, reaching 8.7%, versus the gove...

OPEC holds production as oil prices rise
5th March 2008 by

OPEC today decided to hold oil production at current levels, even though prices are at a level which...

China’s olefin imports surge as government subsidises gasoline/diesel demand
27th January 2008 by

China’s ethylene and propylene imports have surged in recent months, as the country has diverted n...

2008 crude outlook
18th January 2008 by

I had the opportunity last night to learn current thinking within the oil industry on the current ou...

Chemicals & the Economy – the first 6 months
14th December 2007 by

It is now almost 6 months since I started writing this blog. And I thought you might like some feedb...

‘Its the price that matters’: Wal-Mart and Tesco signal a major change in consumer priorities
14th July 2007 by

Consumer attitudes have shifted sharply in recent weeks. This could have big implications for chemic...

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