Oil prices break out of their triangle – downwards
27th August 2014 by

The Great Unwinding of the central banks stimulus policies is underway, as discussed last week.  Oi...

Europe unprepared for hard winter without Ukraine gas
30th July 2014 by

There is an alarming naivety about Western policymakers’ response to events in the Ukraine.  ...

US condensate exports highlight oil market weakness
3rd July 2014 by

Slowly but surely the myths over supposed supply shortages in the crude oil market are being exposed...

US oil inventories hit record high as supply increases
30th April 2014 by

Imagine that 5 years ago, you had been asked by your Board to forecast future oil prices.  And supp...

Ethylene prices have 96% correlation to oil prices
20th March 2014 by

Companies are about to review their Q1 performance, and re-forecast profit and revenue for the rest ...

Aluminium shortage “temporary and artificial” says world’s largest buyer
30th January 2014 by

When was the last time you told your customers that they would have to wait 570 days for delivery of...

“The policy Kings/Queens have no clothes”
7th January 2014 by

There seems almost no need to publish a forecast for 2014.  Policymakers have toured the TV studios...

Demand now the key driver for future US petchem profitability
19th December 2013 by

Will the US be able to sell all its planned new petchem volumes?  That is the 3rd topic in the blo...

US shale revolution puts squeeze on European chemicals groups
12th December 2013 by

The Financial Times has carried an excellent analysis this week of the key shale gas issues facing ...

US polyethylene and PVC exporters focus on margin, not volume
2nd December 2013 by

2013 has seen 3 types of markets develop for the blog’s IeC Downturn Monitor portfolio as the...

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