Chemicals and the Economy

Dalian LLDPE prices now seem to follow crude oil
8th December 2009 by

China’s Dalian polymer futures market continues to have a major influence on regional, and glo...

China’s economic “bubble” continues to deflate
3rd November 2009 by

This year’s speculative boom in China’s economy, created by major government lending and...

The China “bubble” begins to deflate
1st October 2009 by

China’s perceived demand has been the major driving force behind the rallies in financial and ...

Smart money leaves Dalian
3rd September 2009 by

A key rule for any successful trader is that high volume is always bullish, and low volume is negati...

China’s speculative surge slows
8th July 2009 by

Q2 saw an outburst of speculative frenzy all around the world, and in a wide variety of financial ma...

Hopes of China recovery “premature” – World Bank
20th May 2009 by

The high level of speculation accompanying China’s apparent economic revival worries the World...

BASF sees “weak demand”, traders see recovery
30th April 2009 by

BASF, the world’s largest chemical company, said today that they see “weak demand for ch...

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