Chemicals and the Economy

Budgeting for the Great Reckoning
31st October 2016 by

One thing is certain about the 2017 – 2019 Budget period.  “Business as usual” is...

1 in 5 of world population will be in New Old 55+ generation
2nd October 2015 by

An amazing development is taking place in the world today.  For the first time in human history, mo...

US interest rate dilemma highlights fragile global economy
16th September 2015 by

Should it really matter that the US Federal Reserve might raise US interest rates by 0.25% tomorrow?...

Stock markets weaken as ‘Ring of Fire’ fault-lines open
11th September 2015 by

“Central banks have created a debt-fuelled ‘Ring of Fire’, and we will no doubt have felt...

Older people are being forced to spend less
6th August 2015 by

The Financial Times has kindly printed my letter below, commenting on the change taking place in dem...

45-year baby drought stalls Western economic growth
29th May 2015 by

200 years ago, most blog readers would have been dead at their current age.  Life expectancy in the...

US economy’s demographic dividend is fast turning into a deficit
8th May 2015 by

My new post for the Financial Times FT Data blog discusses how the ageing of the US population is cr...

Economic impact of ageing populations is obvious, but ignored
27th March 2015 by

Too many policymakers, companies and investors are continuing to ignore the dramatic changes taking...

Halving of China’s electricity demand confirms major slowdown underway
20th January 2015 by

China’s reported  7.4% GDP growth for 2014 was the lowest in 25 years.  But even so, it prob...

Unilever says Q2 market growth slows in emerging countries, developed countries weak
28th August 2014 by

The global economy really isn’t getting any better.  That’s the key conclusion from the...

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