Demand now the key driver for future US petchem profitability
19th December 2013 by

Will the US be able to sell all its planned new petchem volumes?  That is the 3rd topic in the blo...

Ethylene demand weak as eurozone flirts with recession and deflation
19th November 2013 by

So this is as good as it gets in 2013.  That seems to be the sad conclusion from analysis of Q3 ope...

Asian ethylene margins soar on China stimulus, plant outages
13th November 2013 by

Volatility is one of the blog’s key themes for the next few years, as the world transitions to...

High oil prices take European operating rates to record lows
22nd August 2013 by

Life doesn’t get any easier for Europe’s olefin producers and the consumers who depend on them....

Lack of demand threatens US ethylene expansions
21st August 2013 by

The above chart paints a depressing picture for anyone thinking it should be easy to make money via...

Sinopec focuses on political and social targets
25th July 2012 by

Sinopec is China’s main company in refining and chemical markets. Although it is listed on wor...

EU olefin operating rates slip back to 81%
10th May 2012 by

The latest EU olefin operating rates (OR%) were very disappointing, even though they were not a surp...

EU ethylene output highlights recession risk
28th January 2012 by

Latest data from the IMF shows that the EU remains the world’s largest economic unit. Its GDP ...

Supply shortages drive olefin market profitability
17th January 2012 by

The above chart would have seemed unbelievable at any time in the past 30 years. It shows the perfor...

Sinopec adds capacity as China’s ethylene growth stalls
3rd September 2011 by

Sinopec is China’s leading petchem producer. Its H1 results, out this week, confirm the blog&#...

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