August highlights
1st September 2008 by

Many readers have been out of the office during August on a well-deserved break. I am therefore high...

‘Global economy at 60-year low’ – UK Finance Minister
30th August 2008 by

Another policy maker has decided realism is the best policy when talking about the current credit cr...

A sombre outlook
27th August 2008 by

Housing is a vital market for chemical companies. It boomed in the US and other Western countries as...

China’s growth slows
24th August 2008 by

China’s growth rate is slowing quite sharply. Exports to the US grew just 9% in H1, half the 2...

The ‘slow motion train wreck’ continues
19th August 2008 by

A year ago, the noted investment analyst, Jeremy Grantham, described the credit crisis as a ‘s...

BASF reduce 2008 global GDP forecast
19th August 2008 by

BASF have now reduced their 2008 GDP forecast from 2.8% to 2.4%. This may sound a small amount, but ...

1/3rd of US auto suppliers risk bankruptcy
12th August 2008 by

US and European auto sales fell again last month. GM reported total US sales down 27% versus 2007, d...

‘Grey hair and good advice matter’
10th August 2008 by

The credit crunch began a year ago. At that time, the blog was very much in a minority when worrying...

German and Spanish economies turn down
7th August 2008 by

I noted last month that German industrial production fell 2.4% in May, and that Chancellor Angela Me...

Cracker margins under pressure
2nd August 2008 by

Paul Ray’s excellent ICIS PE margin report provides plenty of food for thought this week. The ...

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