Inflation worries increase in China, USA
11th March 2008 by

China announced yesterday that inflation had soared again last month, reaching 8.7%, versus the gove...

Traders sell $, buy oil
2nd March 2008 by

‘ ‘A vicious circle now seems to be in place again, where a lower dollar inspires raw materi...

Wheat prices add to CFO concerns
26th February 2008 by

Wheat prices rose 25% yesterday, the biggest one-day rise ever, as Kazakhstan imposed restrictions o...

China exports inflation
17th February 2008 by

China has been a major source of price deflation for the past decade. It is now the world’s leadin...

CFO pessimism increases
11th December 2007 by

CFOs are paid to worry, but their worries seem to be increasing quite rapidly, according to the resu...

5 risks to 2008 budgets
21st November 2007 by

The consensus viewpoint is an easy way of keeping up to speed on a variety of issues outside one’s...

Inflation makes a comeback
29th October 2007 by

Oil prices last week rose to an all-time, inflation-adjusted, high in New York at over $92/bbl. Mean...

A tale of two worlds
23rd August 2007 by

It used to be said that ‘if the US sneezes, the rest of the world will catch a cold’. Well, the ...

Thursday’s child has far to go
17th August 2007 by

The past two Thursdays have seen extraordinary things happen in financial markets. Last Thursday, BN...

4 risks to the world economy
3rd July 2007 by

The latest report from the ‘central bankers’ bank’ provides an excellent analysis ...

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