Global interest rates surge as Newton’s 3rd Law continues to operate
27th August 2013 by

Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion states, “To every action there is always an equal and opposit...

UK bond yields return to historical levels
31st January 2013 by

Are you worried about the future direction of interest rates, and what they may mean for your pensio...

3rd London Olympics sees UK bond yields back at 1908 levels
24th July 2012 by

This week marks the opening of the 3rd London Olympics. To celebrate, the blog today looks at develo...

Eurozone crisis gets worse, not better
21st June 2012 by

Global bond investors have found a new worry. 10 year interest rates in Spain, the world’s 12t...

C is for Complexity
24th May 2012 by

The blog’s series on the VUCA world today reaches C for Complexity. Interest rates are key to ...

Germany in the firing line as Greek default nears
12th January 2012 by

Interest rates are key to the direction of the global economy. But not in the way that was true duri...

Global financial markets at important crossroads
12th March 2011 by

Stock markets around the world are at an important crossroads. The blog’s regular <a href=&...

UK house prices slip in H2
15th February 2011 by

UK housing markets followed the US lead in recent decades. Conservative and Labour governments both ...

UK house prices begin to slip
11th November 2010 by

The UK housing market has presented a confusing picture over the past 2 years. Unlike Spain, Ireland...

Demographics boosted demand, now drives savings
13th September 2010 by

The blog is very pleased to have been invited to write for today’s Financial Times. Its articl...

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