UK house prices slip in H2
15th February 2011 by

UK housing markets followed the US lead in recent decades. Conservative and Labour governments both ...

UK house prices begin to slip
11th November 2010 by

The UK housing market has presented a confusing picture over the past 2 years. Unlike Spain, Ireland...

Demographics boosted demand, now drives savings
13th September 2010 by

The blog is very pleased to have been invited to write for today’s Financial Times. Its articl...

Global markets decoupled over past 6 months
11th September 2010 by

The blog’s 6 monthly survey of major stock markets, now including the US 30 year Treasury bond...

Questions to the chemical market genie
28th August 2010 by

With the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve saying the outlook is “unusually uncertain“,...

Baby-Boomers cut spending, start saving
21st August 2010 by

Consumer spending is 70% of US GDP. And because US GDP is so large, this means the US consumer is 17...

US 3 year interest rates back to 1940’s levels
18th August 2010 by

High quality 3 year government bond yields are now less than 1%, as shown in the above chart from th...

US junk bond issue hits record as GDP slows
14th August 2010 by

As noted by a blog reader last week, retail investors are throwing caution to the winds. Unwilling, ...

Investment tip of the week
5th August 2010 by

Following on from the blog’s note yesterday, an investment banker reader passed on a similar i...

Asian stockmarkets fall on stagflation risk
15th June 2008 by

I noted earlier this year that China was now exporting inflation, rather than the deflation of the p...

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