Global auto industry sales growth depends on China
29th January 2014 by

Autos remain the world’s largest manufacturing industry, and the single biggest source of dema...

Japan’s ageing population challenges hopes of economic growth
11th December 2013 by

The blog’s new series on the likely demographic impact on the world’s Top 5 economies toda...

Benzene markets suggest BabyBoomer growth will not reappear
20th November 2013 by

Benzene has always been one of the blog’s favourite leading indicators for the global economy....

India’s onion harvest boosts auto sales: Japan’s sales gently decline
25th October 2013 by

The blog’s pre-Budget Outlook review of the major auto markets concludes today with Japan and ...

One in four Japanese now over 65 years
26th September 2013 by

Japan’s new government has embarked on a desperate gamble to restore economic growth after 2 d...

Japan’s 7% Nikkei index fall highlights risks ahead
27th May 2013 by

We are now nearly at the end of May, and still there is no sign of a sustained recovery in demand. T...

Japan waves another ‘magic wand’ to restart economic growth
10th April 2013 by

Stock market investors in Japan are feeling very pleased. The Nikkei share index has risen 40% since...

Western stock markets in bubble-mode, again
14th March 2013 by

The blog’s 6 monthly review of global stock markets highlights a very unusual pattern since gl...

US, UK goverment bond yields follow Japan’s example
12th July 2012 by

The arrival of the internet should make it easier to source key data from around the world. But inst...

China’s premier warns on Cultural Revolution risk
17th March 2012 by

On 29 June 1987, the blog was in S Korea on a business trip. With its ICI Korea colleagues, it arriv...

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