Global economy approaches a T-junction
6th January 2014 by

Intuition’s great benefit is that it provides a different perspective.  Thus the intuitive ...

“No pain, no gain” the outlook for China in 2014
10th December 2013 by

Its been a great year for polyethylene (PE) demand growth in China.  But whether this relates to re...

Boom/Gloom Index hits record high as western financial markets soar
9th December 2013 by

The best view is always from the top of the mountain.  At least that is how it feels today, with th...

Growth remains below SuperCycle trend, whilst debt is building
25th November 2013 by

Whisper it quietly, so as not to disturb policymakers’ dreams.  But the charts above from th...

Most major financial markets have doubled since 2009 lows
7th October 2013 by

The period since March 2009 has been a wonderful time for most investors in the major markets.  As ...

Financial markets worry as Fed talks of ending stimulus
26th August 2013 by

After 5 years of government stimulus, policymakers are having to think about their exit plans.  US...

Japan’s 7% Nikkei index fall highlights risks ahead
27th May 2013 by

We are now nearly at the end of May, and still there is no sign of a sustained recovery in demand. T...

Financial markets reach the ‘melt-up stage’
20th May 2013 by

A month ago, the blog highlighted the potentially major implications of the Bank of Japan’s (B...

Demand collapses as stock markets hit new records
18th March 2013 by

Financial markets long ago lost all touch with reality. Not only have central banks provided $tns of...

Western stock markets in bubble-mode, again
14th March 2013 by

The blog’s 6 monthly review of global stock markets highlights a very unusual pattern since gl...

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