The crude oil mania has its own illusion
12th April 2011 by

The blog spent much of 2007/8 warning of the likely impact of high oil prices on chemical demand. It...

Speculative volume soars in oil markets
6th April 2011 by

Crude oil has been a speculators’ paradise for the past 9 months. Central banks have been maki...

US Fed’s QE2 programme hits consumer confidence, raises mortgage rates
31st March 2011 by

Last November, the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve justified his $600bn QE2 programme to boost fi...

Aromatics ‘spreads’ remain stable
26th January 2011 by

Benzene has always been the blog’s favourite indicator for the economic outlook. It has the mo...

China tightens lending: Saudi may pump more oil
25th January 2011 by

Recent days have seen some signs that the tectonic plates under current chemical and polymer markets...

Pressure mounts on US Fed’s QE2 Lifeboat
17th November 2010 by

The US Fed’s new QE2 Lifeboat programme designed to raise asset prices got off to a bad start ...

US wages continue to stagnate
8th November 2010 by

The US Fed’s move to launch its QE2 Lifeboat continues its policy of focusing on measures to b...

US Fed launches its $600bn QE2 Lifeboat
6th November 2010 by

So now its official. This week, the US Federal Reserve confirmed it was launching its ‘QE2 Lif...

Oil “would be $30/bbl” without financial speculators
18th October 2010 by

The blog’s argument that oil prices are now being entirely driven by financial market speculat...

Moody’s worries about the chemical industry
15th January 2009 by

Moody’s, the global ratings agency, is today forecasting a 70% chance of a U-shaped recession,...

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