The end of the prologue
28th August 2007 by

The report in today’s ‘Financial Times’ that Barclays Bank has lost ‘several...

Interesting quotes (3)
19th August 2007 by

Some of these quotes just seemed too good to ignore… `I don’t see any impact as yet on the r...

Interesting Quotes (2)
12th August 2007 by

Credit market problems intensified last week, even though stock markets rallied strongly until Wedne...

Subprime: a many-headed Hydra
10th August 2007 by

Yesterday, the ECB (European Central Bank) provided an unprecedented €95bn into the region’s cre...

Turning base quality loans into gold
31st July 2007 by

Alchemists once claimed the ability to turn base metal into gold. More recently, some bankers seem t...

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