‘Waiting for Bernanke’ is hottest show on Wall Street
23rd July 2012 by

‘Waiting for Godot’, the great play by Irish writer and Nobel Literature Prizewinner, Sa...

A is for Agility in today’s VUCA world
16th July 2012 by

Pity the poor purchasing manager, who: • Must keep inventories low as end-user demand remains slow...

IMF warns of lower global growth
9th July 2012 by

Once again, the chemical industry has performed its role as a reliable leading indicator of the glob...

Weak chemical markets suggest difficult times ahead
1st July 2012 by

Over Christmas, the blog spent some time considering whether its IeC Downturn Alert had served its p...

Another Minsky Moment may be approaching
25th June 2012 by

The global economy is now in the middle of its 3rd downturn in the past 4 years. The chart above sho...

Financial markets rally as real economy weakens
18th June 2012 by

Petrochemical markets continue to provide plenty of warning signs about the deteriorating state of t...

“A failure to stay ahead of events”
11th June 2012 by

Petchem markets are doing an excellent job in their role as a leading indicator for the global econo...

What goes up, comes down
4th June 2012 by

Don’t panic is the blog’s suggestion, after last week’s market collapse. Instead, ...

Market volatility hits new peaks
28th May 2012 by

Petchem markets provided a perfect case study of Volatility last week, confirming the blog’s v...

Complacency rises as markets fall
21st May 2012 by

Financial markets are telling us something important about the outlook. Profitable themes over the p...

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