Downturn Alert shows prices keep falling
22nd May 2011 by

It is now 4 weeks since the blog launched its IeC Downturn Alert. Since then, as the chart shows (ba...

Time to check Downturn contingency plans
16th May 2011 by

Two years ago, the blog began to survey global stock markets on what turned out to be the day they b...

Electric autos launched in the USA
24th March 2011 by

The blog has been following the development of General Motors’ electric auto, the Volt, since ...

Asia’s olefin margins weaken vs Europe, USA
22nd February 2011 by

The ICIS weekly margin reports continue to provide essential reading for anyone in the petrochemical...

Benzene develops security of supply issues
13th July 2010 by

As promised, the 3rd of the blog’s series on the changes underway in the pricing of the major ...

Major changes underway in relative olefin pricing
10th July 2010 by

Unprecedented changes are taking place in the relative prices of the main ‘building block̵...

Volt to use ethanol as well as electricity
18th February 2010 by

The blog has been following the development of GM’s new all-electric car, the Chevrolet Volt, ...

European ethylene margins slip as oil prices rise
24th November 2009 by

The excellent ICIS European margin report for ethylene shows an interesting picture this week. The c...

Electric cars could change naphtha balances
11th August 2009 by

Last week, Nissan said its new Leaf model had achieved 367 mpg (156 kpl) in city driving. And this w...

Refiners’ margins come under pressure
22nd July 2009 by

In another sign of the economy ‘bouncing along the bottom’, US drivers appear to have re...

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