‘Budgeting for a New Normal’ White Paper
7th February 2010 by

ICIS have now published the blog’s 2010 Budget webinar as a White Paper. Please click here if ...

New York considers a more frugal way of life
15th December 2009 by

The blog continues to believe that the current downturn is a transition period, at least in the West...

INEOS considers asset sale as it continues to re-shape its business
5th December 2009 by

The blog has recently noted a major change of mindset in the financial community. As the Financial T...

Budgeting for a new normal
17th October 2009 by

2010 should be a better year for the chemical industry, as demand grows in line with a recovery in g...

“New normal” means major change – US Fed
12th October 2009 by

The blog has argued for some time that the chemical industry is facing a “new normal” as...

2010 Budgets
11th October 2009 by

The blog is now preparing its annual Budget Outlook for 2010. Before this is published next weekend,...

Current policies make downturns “more dangerous”
17th September 2009 by

Some readers may remember the 2007 and 2008 reports from the Bank of International Settlements (the ...

Central banks warn on likely growth rates
16th September 2009 by

Coincidentally, both the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England yesterday signalled the probable...

Smart shoppers focus on needs, not wants
15th September 2009 by

After destocking, and then restocking, what next? The blog is a great believer in following the insi...

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