IEA says “world’s energy system at crossroads”
16th November 2008 by

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is the global energy watchdog. Its new annual report, just pub...

Russia’s economy stalls
12th November 2008 by

A few months ago, Russia’s economy seemed to be recovering from its problems in the late 1990&...

The “crystal blog”
12th November 2008 by

The blog’s forecasting record is reviewed in ICIS Chemical Business this week. Click here if y...

4 tips for survival
8th November 2008 by

Last month, the blog titled its 2009 Outlook, Budgeting for Survival. This week, the Financial Times...

TOTAL focus on lower debt, higher oil prices
5th November 2008 by

TOTAL have adopted a very clear strategy for surviving the downturn. The results statement today par...

Asian naphtha falls below $300/t
4th November 2008 by

ICIS is reporting today that Shell sold open spec naphtha to Cargill at $267 CFR Japan, for the firs...

Oil producers at a crossroads
2nd November 2008 by

The blog has been thinking about last week’s leaked report from the International Energy Agenc...

OPEC cuts production, worries about demand
28th October 2008 by

Two main factors weigh on oil markets. The first, as PetroMatrix note in their latest weekly report,...

Oil futures focus on $50/bbl for December
20th October 2008 by

Futures markets are taking an increasingly gloomy view of oil demand. And over the past 2 weeks, the...

Budgeting for survival
19th October 2008 by

The blog prefers to be optimistic. But 30 years in the chemical industry has taught it to be extreme...

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