India’s currency reforms hitting ordinary people, the economy and auto/oil demand
16th December 2016 by

It is now just over a month since India introduced the biggest currency reform the world has ever se...

OPEC move supports US oil production rise, and smart meters
14th December 2016 by

OPEC is living in the past with its recent announcement of new quotas. The simple fact is that the a...

3 key questions for the oil market poker game, ahead of OPEC’s meeting
18th November 2016 by

Volatility continues to dominate oil markets, as the above chart confirms.  Some weeks have seen pr...

Global GDP saw record fall in 2015 – new IMF data
20th April 2016 by

New data from the International Monetary Fund confirms that last year’s collapse in global GDP...

Oil prices remain at pre-2005 levels as inventories rise
22nd February 2016 by

Its mid-winter in Russia, and the snow is deep in some parts of Moscow.  Meanwhile in Venezuela the...

$25/bbl oil – probably now only a question of “when”, not “if”
21st December 2015 by

Oil prices are just $1 or so away from falling back into the $10 – $35/bbl range that has domi...

Oil stocks at record levels as demand growth slows, supply rises
7th October 2015 by

OECD oil inventories have never been higher.  They were 2.9mb at the end of July, and are expected ...

OPEC hit as ‘peak oil demand’ arrives and US imports fall
20th April 2015 by

Oil market traders have been having fun in recent weeks, as they have managed to create guaranteed p...

High oil prices, financial speculation, worry IEA
3rd March 2011 by

The IEA (International Energy Agency) is now very worried about the impact of today’s high oil...

Oil prices – the Egypt factor
2nd February 2011 by

‘Budgeting for Uncertainty’ seemed the best title for the blog’s new White Paper. ...

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