China’s rising exports: less about growth, more about exporting deflation
18th March 2016 by

China’s move towards self-sufficiency is radically changing global oil and petrochemical marke...

5 Critical Questions every Company and Investor Need to Answer
12th October 2015 by

Today’s uncertain economic and oil price  environment has created chaos in petrochemical feedstoc...

Chaos looms in petchem feedstock and product markets
28th September 2015 by

Major change is underway in world markets for all petrochemicals. It is no exaggeration to say that ...

Europe can win despite age trends
2nd June 2015 by

We all know that Europe has an ageing population.  Germany and Italy, for example, have median ages...

Time to look forward, not back, for European petrochemicals
29th September 2014 by

The European petrochemicals industry is in crisis.  Operating rates dropped below 85% in H2 2008, a...

Sinopec & China arrive in New Normal of low growth and profit
23rd September 2014 by

Sinopec is China’s largest chemical producer and its second largest refiner.  The blog’...

ExxonMobil Antwerp to spend $1bn boosting diesel capacity
14th July 2014 by

When the world changes, companies either change with it or go out of business.  The market for stag...

US shale revolution puts squeeze on European chemicals groups
12th December 2013 by

The Financial Times has carried an excellent analysis this week of the key shale gas issues facing ...

Boom/Gloom Index hits record high as western financial markets soar
9th December 2013 by

The best view is always from the top of the mountain.  At least that is how it feels today, with th...

Global chemical operating rates remain well below SuperCycle levels
7th November 2013 by

The latest American Chemistry Council report on global production shows output was up 3% versus Sep...

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