Moody’s sees negative outlook for Asian petchems
17th March 2009 by

Its not just the World Bank that is concerned about the outlook for East Asia. Today, Moody’s ...

Dow pays $78.97/share for Rohm & Haas
11th March 2009 by

The blog has always had enormous respect for Dow. This was due to their ability to manage unconventi...

Cracker margins remain under pressure
9th March 2009 by

The chart above, from Paul Ray’s excellent ‘ICIS Weekly Margin Report’, clearly sh...

BASF – the German oil and gas company
2nd March 2009 by

BASF’s reported results for 2008 show that its profits are increasingly coming from the oil an...

Asian exports collapse – Japan’s fall 46%
26th February 2009 by

Japan’s exports fell 46% in January, after a 35% fall in December. Exports to the US fell 53%,...

Abu Dhabi snaps up Nova Chemicals
24th February 2009 by

Nova’s CEO, Jeffrey Lipton, has always been the great optimist of the petrochemical industry. ...

TOTAL warn on oil supplies
18th February 2009 by

TOTAL’s CEO, Christophe de Margerie, has become even more pessimistic on the future of oil sup...

Resilience, team-work, key to survival
15th February 2009 by

Last week, the blog spent 2 days at Wilton in the UK, one of the world’s largest and most inte...

China allocates $58bn to stimulate petchem exports
13th February 2009 by

China plans to increase petchem production as a way of stimulating its economy. According to the Chi...

The man with a plan
11th February 2009 by

Yet again, as in October, ‘buy on the rumour, sell on the news’ has been the financial m...

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