Chemicals and the Economy

Paul Hodges

Sentiment, fundamentals….and panic
26th October 2008 by

Sometimes markets move because of sentiment, sometimes because of fundamentals. Sometimes (luckily r...

A downturn, not a dip
26th October 2008 by

The blog first raised this issue last December, when noting that global chemical industry production...

Sinopec cuts back (a little) on petchems
8th September 2008 by

China’s Sinopec has taken a lead in reviewing its petrochemical expansion plans. Speaking to e...

August highlights
1st September 2008 by

Many readers have been out of the office during August on a well-deserved break. I am therefore high...

Increasing change, complexity, challenge
17th August 2008 by

What is the outlook for the global economy over the next few years? Are we likely to see a continuat...

China freezes energy costs, bans plastic bags
10th January 2008 by

Reaction to $100 oil has been swift. Yesterday, the Chinese State Council decided to freeze the pric...

Chemical company valuations
9th July 2007 by

The prices paid for Petkim and for Lustran reflect two very different perspectives on the current ma...

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