Hopes of China recovery “premature” – World Bank
20th May 2009 by

The high level of speculation accompanying China’s apparent economic revival worries the World...

US thermoplastic stocks fell 31% from 2008 peak, demand fell 17%
19th April 2009 by

The above chart is a real ‘labour of love’ by the American Chemistry Council. It represe...

Propylene/Ethylene ratio drops
8th March 2009 by

Propylene prices have been relatively strong in recent years, compared to ethylene. As the chart sho...

Abu Dhabi snaps up Nova Chemicals
24th February 2009 by

Nova’s CEO, Jeffrey Lipton, has always been the great optimist of the petrochemical industry. ...

LyondellBasell may be largest-ever bankruptcy
9th February 2009 by

The financial fallout from the Lyondell (LBI) bankruptcy continues, as the banks slowly begin to ack...

Polymers demand slumps in Europe, China
28th September 2008 by

ICIS news reports that polymer demand is falling sharply in two key markets, China and Europe. This ...

China’s growth slows
24th August 2008 by

China’s growth rate is slowing quite sharply. Exports to the US grew just 9% in H1, half the 2...

Cracker margins under pressure
2nd August 2008 by

Paul Ray’s excellent ICIS PE margin report provides plenty of food for thought this week. The ...

Polymer margins retreat
22nd January 2008 by

The new ICIS Weekly Margin report on polyethylene is a goldmine for those who want to track the fort...

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