Industry needs new strategy to spread benefits of globalisation
25th November 2016 by

The Brexit vote, and Donald Trump’s election, confirm that we are in a New Normal world.  In ...

Wrong assumptions on China growth and oil prices mean danger lies ahead for refiners and polymer producers
27th July 2016 by

It could be a very difficult H2 for anyone involved in the Asian oil and polymer markets.  And give...

US polypropylene imports rise as China aims for self-sufficiency
6th July 2016 by

Difficult times lie ahead for global polymer markets, as I note in a new analysis for ICIS Chemical ...

Clouds gather over global polymer markets as China imports drop
1st June 2016 by

Difficult times lie ahead for global polymer markets.  It would be bad enough that downstream users...

China’s polymer expansions make new US exports hard to place
29th April 2016 by

China used to be the manufacturing capital of the world.  It would buy raw materials, and sell fini...

Brazil’s PE market shifts from import to export as recession bites
22nd April 2016 by

4 years ago, Brazil’s polyethylene market flagged up the first warning signs that its GDP was ...

US ethylene output rise warns of market share battles ahead
16th March 2016 by

“The reality is the US from a chemical standpoint is a very mature market. We have some demand gro...

Propylene price collapse highlights New Normal world
9th March 2016 by

Everyone wants to assume that markets will soon be back to “normal”.  Consensus thinkin...

China’s polyethylene market creates Winners and Losers
3rd February 2016 by

Tens of billions of dollars have been spent over the past 6 years to produce the above chart.  And ...

Investors worry US ethylene expansions mimic mining downturn
29th July 2015 by

I spent most of last week in New York and Boston, meeting with major investors.  One key topic on a...

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