‘Demand and prices in free fall’
7th October 2008 by

The moment the blog has long feared, and warned about, may be about to arrive. It appears that we ma...

China’s export dependency grows
29th September 2008 by

New light has been shed on the critical question of whether domestic growth in China, and Asia, can ...

Polymers demand slumps in Europe, China
28th September 2008 by

ICIS news reports that polymer demand is falling sharply in two key markets, China and Europe. This ...

Sinopec cuts back (a little) on petchems
8th September 2008 by

China’s Sinopec has taken a lead in reviewing its petrochemical expansion plans. Speaking to e...

August highlights
1st September 2008 by

Many readers have been out of the office during August on a well-deserved break. I am therefore high...

Increasing change, complexity, challenge
17th August 2008 by

What is the outlook for the global economy over the next few years? Are we likely to see a continuat...

‘Roll-through’ pricing reappears
18th June 2008 by

Linda Naylor, ICIS’s polymers guru, has just written a market analysis that took me straight b...

PE margins back to 2003 levels
25th May 2008 by

The excellent ‘ICIS Weekly Margin Report – PE’ is starting to tell a very sad stor...

Polymer margins retreat
22nd January 2008 by

The new ICIS Weekly Margin report on polyethylene is a goldmine for those who want to track the fort...

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