Company results show few signs of any upturn
2nd March 2013 by

Economic recovery is already underway, according to the optimists who have bid up financial markets ...

Global economy faces difficult 2013
19th January 2013 by

Its now 4 years since the blog published its first New Year Outlook in ICB. Then it was in a small m...

Q3 results remain in downward trend
15th November 2012 by

The blog’s quarterly survey of chemical industry results shows the downward trend continued in...

IMF warns on recession risk as Political, Social worries rise
12th November 2012 by

When the economy is running well, most people tend to get on with their lives. That was the case dur...

Buyers start selling benzene as demand disappears
29th October 2012 by

What happens if prices stay unaffordable for so long, that the consumer eventually stops buying? You...

‘Moving forward in volatile times’ the motto for H2
16th August 2012 by

The chemical industry has a long track record as a leading indicator for the global economy. Its pos...

Oil markets break out of their ‘triangle’
6th June 2012 by

There has never been any fundamental basis for the rise in oil prices over the past 3 years: • At ...

Europe’s banks turn to bullfight loans
4th April 2012 by

The blog’s IeC Boom/Gloom sentiment indicator (blue column) continues to be neutral on the out...

The banana skin risk
14th January 2012 by

This week’s news provided more evidence to support the blog’s fear that the global econo...

Oil prices hit record annual level in 2011
3rd January 2012 by

High oil prices are a bad thing for the global economy, and for the chemical industry, 2011 was ther...

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