Europe faces Russian gas and oil supply risk over Ukraine
14th May 2014 by

History shows that that governments usually lose arguments with energy suppliers.  UK premier Ha...

Crimea referendum highlights growing geo-political risks
14th March 2014 by

Markets have been remarkably calm ahead of Crimea’s planned Sunday referendum to leave Ukraine...

Global auto industry sales growth depends on China
29th January 2014 by

Autos remain the world’s largest manufacturing industry, and the single biggest source of dema...

China auto sales jump to meet pollution quota deadline
15th January 2014 by

China’s auto sales moved past Europe’s in 2010, and are now close to US levels.  But ev...

Brazil, Russia, India car sales fall for first time in 10 years
14th January 2014 by

Since 2009, the 4 BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have been the focus of every car ma...

Russia’s growth stalls in 2012, as new capacity comes online
27th February 2013 by

The blog’s annual review of the Russian market showed production growth stalled in 2012. Outpu...

Boom/Gloom Index stalls as austerity worries rise
3rd May 2012 by

EU policymakers like to pretend that the Eurozone debt crisis was resolved by the adoption of last M...

Shale gas supports US PVC exports
25th April 2012 by

Yesterday the blog discussed caustic soda, and the recent importance of China’s metal demand. ...

Russia’s chemical production continues to grow
9th February 2012 by

Russia has been the great exception in regional chemical markets. Normally, production growth starts...

Global auto sales growth stalls as BabyBoomers age
24th January 2012 by

Cars are now the largest single market for chemical sales, as housing markets have slowed globally. ...

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