Russia’s chemical production continues to grow
9th February 2012 by

Russia has been the great exception in regional chemical markets. Normally, production growth starts...

Global auto sales growth stalls as BabyBoomers age
24th January 2012 by

Cars are now the largest single market for chemical sales, as housing markets have slowed globally. ...

2012 sees rising political risk, and protectionism
5th January 2012 by

The world enjoyed an economic SuperCycle between 1982-2007. Its largest economy, the USA, suffered j...

Oil markets prepare for post-QE2 world
20th April 2011 by

The decision by S&P, the ratings agency, to put the USA’s AAA debt rating on review is a p...

Russia’s chemical output begins to improve
1st July 2010 by

In May last year, the blog was hopeful that the major decline in Russian chemical production might s...

Top 10 posts in 2009
7th January 2010 by

Blog readers have a wide range of interests. That is clear from the list below of the Top 10 posts i...

Oil prices continue to plateau
9th September 2009 by

Last year, OPEC meetings led to newspaper headlines. But today’s session in Vienna seems to ha...

Russia’s chemical production tumbles
31st May 2009 by

Last week’s global production numbers highlighted the startling collapse in output from Centra...

IEA revises down oil demand
18th January 2009 by

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has cut its estimate of expected global GDP growth in 2009 to ...

Russia’s economy stalls
12th November 2008 by

A few months ago, Russia’s economy seemed to be recovering from its problems in the late 1990&...

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