US Permian’s shale oil surge highlights OPEC’s failed strategy
15th May 2017 by

OPEC and Russia made a massive mistake last November when when they decided to try and establish a $...

Oil market rebalancing myth looks close to its sell-by date
24th April 2017 by

The myth of oil market rebalancing has been a great money-maker for financial markets.  Hedge funds...

Speculators’ tail wags oil market dog as paper trading dominates
2nd February 2017 by

Trading oil markets used to be hard work. You had to talk to all the major players all the time (not...

Chart of the Year: US$, 10-year US interest rates begin to rise
21st December 2016 by

Last year it was the oil price fall.  This year, there is no doubt that the US dollar has taken cen...

Futures markets, US shale, the big winners from OPEC meeting
7th December 2016 by

There were only two winners from the past 3 months of OPEC’s “Will they?, Won’t th...

ExxonMobil, Saudi Arabia, differ on oil outlook – or do they?
26th October 2016 by

If asked about the outlook for prices, oil company CEOs normally duck the question.  And they certa...

Oil heads back to $30/bbl and probably lower
25th July 2016 by

There was never any fundamental reason why oil prices should have doubled between January and June t...

Naimi finally allowed to retire, Saudi oil policy stays the same
8th May 2016 by

80-year olds are allowed to retire, even if they have to wait a year for final permission to be give...

Saudi plans to transform Aramco to energy /industrial company
27th April 2016 by

“Within 20 years, we will be an economy that doesn’t depend mainly on oil“. With t...

US, Iran to sell oil in January as Libya ramps up volumes
24th December 2015 by

Both the US and Iran are likely to be moving oil into world markets early in the New Year. The lifti...

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