OPEC hit as ‘peak oil demand’ arrives and US imports fall
20th April 2015 by

Oil market traders have been having fun in recent weeks, as they have managed to create guaranteed p...

Saudi lets ‘market decide’ on oil prices to maximise local jobs
26th February 2015 by

I was kindly invited last week to give a keynote address at the annual ME-TECH conference in Dubai....

Gulf countries risk losing US defence shield if oil prices stay high
11th December 2014 by

I imagine a version of this chart has been keeping ministers awake at nights in Riyadh and the othe...

OPEC’s high prices have accelerated move away from oil to gas
10th December 2014 by

Does OPEC have a future?  Or has it already disappeared as an effective force in oil markets?  I ...

OPEC faces New Normal dilemma as oil demand slows
16th October 2014 by

Yesterday’s post described how OPEC oil producers are seeing their export sales to the US st...

Oil prices fall as West, Saudi, pressure Iran
23rd June 2012 by

Oil markets have weakened significantly since they fell out of their major ‘triangle’ fo...

Oil slips back into the triangle, as QE3 is postponed
12th April 2012 by

Remarkably, crude oil prices are continuing to trade in their triangle formation. As the chart shows...

China’s PE market down 2.5% in H1
3rd August 2011 by

China’s surging demand led the chemical world out of recession and into boom territory. Its 53...

Oil markets prepare for post-QE2 world
20th April 2011 by

The decision by S&P, the ratings agency, to put the USA’s AAA debt rating on review is a p...

High oil prices, financial speculation, worry IEA
3rd March 2011 by

The IEA (International Energy Agency) is now very worried about the impact of today’s high oil...

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