Boom/Gloom Index suggests S&P 500 close to its peak
7th November 2014 by

How long can the juggler keep all the balls in the air? That is the question that compels us to stan...

Shiller warning suggests S&P 500 bubble coming to an end
17th September 2014 by

Nobel Prizewinner Prof Robert Shiller correctly forecast the dot-com collapse in 2000, and the 2008...

Financial market melt-up takes S&P 500 to new record
6th June 2014 by

A year ago, the blog suggested that financial markets were reaching their most dangerous ‘melt...

The trend is your friend until it isn’t – part 2
13th January 2014 by

“May you live in interesting times” is a Chinese proverb which has an alternative meanin...

US stock markets hit record but real economy remains slow
10th August 2013 by

“Don’t fight the Fed” is one of the oldest rules in stock market investment.  And...

Prices rise whilst demand falls
13th August 2012 by

The blog is extremely concerned about recent market developments. Nobody minds higher prices, if the...

Computers push oil prices higher, again
6th August 2012 by

Trading volumes in financial markets are very low these days. Many ordinary investors are on holiday...

Financial markets hope for more policy ‘lunacy’
30th July 2012 by

The last few days have seen financial markets rallying, whilst the news from the real economy gets w...

‘Waiting for Bernanke’ is hottest show on Wall Street
23rd July 2012 by

‘Waiting for Godot’, the great play by Irish writer and Nobel Literature Prizewinner, Sa...

A is for Agility in today’s VUCA world
16th July 2012 by

Pity the poor purchasing manager, who: • Must keep inventories low as end-user demand remains slow...

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