P/E ratios drop back to more realistic levels
14th December 2010 by

Source: www.chartoftheday.comThe price/earnings (P/E) ratio is the most fundamental measure of stock...

Traders focus on correlations, not fundamentals
29th September 2010 by

Investors on Wall Street are no longer bothering with the boring detail of company performance. That...

US company earnings soar, sales disappoint again
27th July 2010 by

The blog’s quarterly look at US company earnings reveals a worrying trend. As Howard Silverbla...

US natural gas prices tumble
14th April 2010 by

The blog’s early career, as a petchems trader in Houston, taught it to look out for moments wh...

Oil hits $80/bbl
20th October 2009 by

The blog should award itself a pat on the back, now its May forecast of $80/bbl crude has come true....

Crude oil prices tumble on S&P 500 weakness
12th July 2009 by

Sometimes, the blog gets lucky with its timing. A week ago, it wrote bearishly on crude oil markets,...

Selling the rallies
21st January 2008 by

Stock markets are usually good indicators of future economic conditions. Their savage downturn since...

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