Japan leads round of competitive devaluations
25th September 2010 by

The blog remains very concerned that, overall, the economic policies adopted during the current Cris...

General Electric’s CEO hits at China, Obama
2nd July 2010 by

When things are going well, potential problem areas get brushed under the carpet. Its only when the ...

Global chemical production ends 2009 at Q4 2006 level
6th March 2010 by

The good news is that global chemical production (the blue diamond line) grew during H2 2009. At the...

EU auto sales benefit from scrappage schemes
16th February 2010 by

The European Union was the leading auto market in the world in 2009. It sold 14.4m, versus 13.6m in ...

Anti-Dumping cases on the rise
9th February 2010 by

Anti-dumping duties (ADDs) are on the rise, as countries seek to protect their own manufacturers. Th...

Germany sees 5% GDP fall in 2009
13th January 2010 by

The blog has been worrying for some time about what will happen when governments end their stimulus ...

Global chemicals volume back to 2006 level
3rd October 2009 by

The probable ending of the destocking/restocking phase is a good moment to look back at what has hap...

Tyre duties highlight protectionist pressures
14th September 2009 by

Globalisation flourished whilst economic growth was strong. Jobs lost in Western countries were repl...

Restocking continues, consumers become more frugal
30th August 2009 by

There are clear signs in the above chart that the inventory cycle has turned positive again, as cust...

US and EU dominate global consumption
14th August 2009 by

Interesting new research from Prof Nouriel Roubini provides some perspective on relative levels of c...

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