China aims to reduce imports
18th June 2009 by

China has been a major beneficiary of the globalisation movement in recent years. In turn, it has be...

Exporting is no fun anymore
28th April 2009 by

Japan and Germany are the great exporting countries of the industrialised world. They didn’t h...

Auto suppliers face difficult time as bankruptcies rise
6th March 2009 by

The decline in auto sales is now threatening many industry suppliers around the world: • Today, th...

The global stock market decline
18th September 2008 by

Alan Greenspan’s comments (below), led the blog to investigate how the world’s major sto...

No news from Iran on nuclear issue
4th August 2008 by

There seems to have been no response from Iran to the 2 week deadline set by the US and Europe on th...

US, Iran to meet – crude drops $20/bbl
18th July 2008 by

I suggested at the weekend that the Iran issue had the potential to move oil prices by $50/bbl eithe...

Israel’s training exercise worries oil markets
24th June 2008 by

The US has now confirmed what oil traders have been suspecting – that Israel is preparing for ...

US natural gas prices rise 65%
8th June 2008 by

The US price for natural gas has risen faster than crude so far this year. It is already up almost 6...

Fuel subsidies to double in 2008
3rd June 2008 by

Fuel subsidies are set to double this year to at least $100bn, according to the head of the Internat...

A tale of two outlooks – part 2
20th April 2008 by

In an early blog last July, I marvelled at the contrast between the then upbeat nature of financial ...

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