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Acrylic Acid Acrylate Esters Transcript


Acrylic acid and esters are highly reactive and versatile chemicals that have wide-spread uses. Major markets for the esters include surface coatings, textiles, adhesives and plastics.


Polyacrylic acid or copolymers find applications in super-absorbents, detergents, dispersants and thickeners. Super-absorbent polymers (SAPs) are mainly used in disposable nappies. SAPs and detergent polymers have emerged as the fastest growing end-use accounting for nearly 40% of world glacial acrylic acid consumption.


Pricing for acrylates is generally influenced by movements in propylene, oxo-alcohols, methanol and ethanol, which of course are raw materials, as well as sentiment in the downstream segments.


Supply of acrylates is generally tight in Asia due to the fast growing needs of the downstream segments in key markets such as China, Southeast Asia and India.

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