Annual data reports for China’s domestic petrochemical markets

ICIS has an extensive team of market experts, based in China, reporting on a wide range of chemicals and covering more than 180 upstream and downstream chemical products.

The market intelligence in the ICIS China Data Annual Reports is sourced by our team of locally based analysts and reporters who keep abreast of markets and policy changes and closely follow the day-to-day activity of industry players across the region. Our reporters conduct primary research and personally verify data to ensure accuracy.

The ICIS China Data Annual Reports are used by producers, traders and investors to make informed decisions about the outlook for the market. The reports contain historical and forecast data on supply and demand, growth, capacity and price trends broken down by key regions in China, which can be used as a basis on which to form future commercial strategies.

Given the cyclical nature of the petrochemical industry, the ICIS China Data Annual Reports are essential for market players making financial, production and operational decisions.

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How will you benefit?
Unrivalled coverage
Data supplied in the report

The ICIS China Data Annual Reports give you:

      • Accurate information on China’s domestic market situation, allowing you to identify growth opportunities for business expansion
      • Historical and forecast data to help you  better plan and formulate your business strategies
      • Data to enable you to track developments and changes in the market, to help you determine how your business could be affected

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