China MTBE Annual Report


Comprehensive analysis and outlook for the MTBE market in China

China’s new oil product pricing mechanism came into effect on 27 March 2013 following the new consumption tax policy. The resulting price fluctuations have made speculative trading in gasoline and gasoil less lucrative, with traders showing much less enthusiasm. As a result, the gasoline blending market has been sluggish in 2013. Oil majors have maintained high operating rates, but haven’t bought much blended gasoline, opting instead for MTBE and other gasoline blendstocks.

In early 2013, China’s MTBE output had slowed and production ran at reduced capacity. But with the launch of MTBE units with capacities exceeding 100,000 tonnes/year, producers have started mass producing again.

The China MTBE Market Annual Report assesses the current market and forecasts MTBE demand, capacity and output up to 2018. Imports and exports are analysed, as well as critical upstream and downstream sectors including methanol, C4, gasoline, isobutene, methyl methacrylate (MMA) and isobutylene-isoprene rubber (IIR). The impact of government policies on China MTBE consumption is also assessed.

Report: China MTBE
Frequency: Annually
Coverage: China

China Base Oils Annual Report - 2013


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An informed view of the China MTBE market

The China MTBE Market Annual Report gives an informed view of how government policies have impacted China’s MTBE consumption. With details of China’s MTBE capacity and output from now until 2018, as well as forecasts and analyses of demand and imports, subscribers will gain a comprehensive insight into where China’s MTBE market is heading.

The ICIS China MTBE Annual Report covers:

  • A detailed overview of China’s MTBE production during 2013
  • Comprehensive data on MTBE imports and exports plus information on major players
  • MTBE demand from gasoline blending and chemical production
  • An assessment of pricing trends, key influences, costs and MTBE substitutes
  • A review of upstream methanol and C4 markets
  • Assessment of downstream activity including gasoline, isobutene, MMA and IIR
  • Review of policies and their impact on China MTBE market
  • Outlook for production, demand, import / export and prices until 2018

Gain immediate access to key benchmark quotes via our price alerts

Gain immediate access to key benchmark   quotes via our price alerts

With no end in sight for the volatile market conditions that currently grip key chemical markets, having access to accurate and timely pricing information is critical. In recognition of the ever-changing competitive landscape, ICIS has enhanced its Asia pricing intelligence with price alerts for key benchmark assessments.
Dashboard subscribers of select ICIS pricing reports will now gain access to these price alerts between 6:00-8:00 pm (Singapore time) on a daily or weekly basis.

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