China Solvent Oil Annual Report

Analysis of decline in demand in the solvent oil market in China

China’s solvent oil market was hit hard by the global economic slowdown in 2013. Apparent consumption fell, with demand for 6#, 120# and 200# solvent oils weakened by low demand in downstream industries, which had also been badly hit by the credit crunch in China. Buyers’ habits have changed too, with some switching to off-spec solvent oil and some chemical products at cheaper prices.

Demand for special solvent oils, including dearomatic solvent, white oils, aromatic solvent and hexane, also fell, and producers of dearomatic solvent and white oils cut outputs accordingly. Meanwhile, aromatic solvent oil producers raised prices amid fears of increasing production costs brought about by the government consumption tax. Apparent consumption fell as a result.

The China Solvent Oil Market Annual Report analyses the China solvent oil market in detail. ICIS experts have collated information from government authorities including the National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Commerce and analysed the market in 2013 with regard to supply and demand, prices and imports in China. To facilitate your future planning, the report also contains detailed forecasts of development trends for the period 2014 – 2018.

Report: China Solvent Oil Annual Report
Frequency: Annually
Coverage: China

China Solvent Oil Annual Report - 2013

Report coverage
How you will benefit

The complete view of China’s solvent oil market

The new China Solvent Oil Market Report collates information on supply and demand, prices and imports, and presents it a comprehensive assessment of the current market. The report also provides analyses and forecasts of the development of the solvent oil market in China up to 2018, giving subscribers a wealth of invaluable information.

The China Solvent Oil Annual Report covers:

  • Assessment of supply and demand for white oils, dearomatic and aromatic solvent oils, and hexane
  • Analyses of China white oils and aromatics imports by source and destination in 2013, and their consumption
  • Comprehensive price and margin data
  • Comparison of prices of solvent oils versus off-sec and chemical products
  • Analysis of hot issues impacting the market
  • Five year outlook for the solvent oil market, broken down by product type

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