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Growth in the demand for polyurethane makes it essential for industry participants to have access to reliable market intelligence on polyurethane’s key raw materials: polyols and isocyanates - to track trade movements, pricing changes and supply information.

ICIS publishes a wide range of information that covers polyols, isocyanates and their related products on a regional and global perspective. This includes pricing information, historical data, news, analysis, and supply & demand forecasts, enabling you to evaluate the market from every angle.

ICIS market data is compiled by our global team of experts who are directly in touch with key industry players. They apply a strict methodology to ensure the intelligence we publish is dependable, fully reconciled and accurate.


Use ICIS information to:

  • Access independent price benchmarks to use in your deals and contracts
  • Get key market insights to base your strategic decisions on
  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Evaluate potential risks to your business


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Polyurethane information products from ICIS

ICIS publishes the following information about the raw materials used for polyurethane to help you evaluate opportunities and competition from both a global and a regional perspective:

Pricing information – regional price assessments and market analysis for polyols, isocynates and their related products, published on a daily and/or weekly basis. Our intelligence enables you to understand price drivers and fluctuations, and offers benchmarks for settling your contract prices. Historical pricing data is also available, which you can incorporate into your own analytical models to guide your forecasting.


Global Supply and Demand (S&D) database – an online database service which combines fully-reconciled S&D, capacity, trade and production ownership data to give you multiple views of the marketplace. It enables you to search, shape and export regional/global data, giving you the insight you need to plan ahead with accuracy. Historical data is available from 1978 and forecasts up to 2030.

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Market Insight: Asian Polyurethane

Market Insight: Winds of Change in the Polyurethane Industry

With new Sadara start-ups, unexpected plant disruptions and an influx of downstream flexible slabstock grade of polyols in Asia’s polyurethane markets, the trading dynamics in southeast Asia and South Korea have become more volatile.

Download the free White Paper explaining how these developments in Asia have impacted on the southeast Asian and South Korean markets.

Market insight by Izham Ahmad: Sadara Chemical enters a crowded global polyols market

Market insight by Izham Ahmad: Sadara Chemical enters a crowded global polyols market

Saudi Arabia’s Sadara Chemical Co announced its long-awaited entry into the polyether polyols supply chain recently in a relatively low-key affair. In this paper, ICIS studies the impact of the debutant in the Middle East polyols industry on prices since the official announcement, highlighting the limited impact seen so far in what is widely considered to be a well-supplied segment.

PU/isocyanates market insight by Izham Ahmad

PU/isocyanates market insight by Izham AhmadPU/isocyanates market insight by Izham Ahmad

The supply of isocyanates, key ingredients in the polyurethanes (PU) industry, to the Middle East is currently dominated by producers in northeast Asia. However, the entry of Saudi Arabia’s Sadara has the potential to change those dynamics. That could have an impact on prices, from as early as this year, as material from the Dow-Aramco joint venture starts to trickle into a crowded market.

Discover where the polyurethane market is headed

Survival Strategies of Producers in the Asia Polyurethane (PU) Chain

During APIC 2016, ICIS explored the challenges and opportunities facing polyurethane players. Our presentation ‘Survival strategies of producers in the Asia PU chain – what are they doing to stay on top of the game?’ is available for you to download, covering:

  • An overview of polyurethane market conditions
  • Insight into propylene oxide, intermediates and PU foam
  • The supply and demand challenges in the PU chain
  • An insight into strategies producers use to stay competitive