World Synthetic Elastomers Annual Study

– An annual study of global synthetic rubber markets

Overcapacity is a recurring challenge faced by the petrochemical industry. For some grades of synthetic rubber, overcapacity combines with the maturing of demand in China. There is still however growth in demand for some synthetic rubber products from other emerging markets. ICIS publishes a global annual study on synthetic rubber which details how the supply and demand market is forecast to develop from now until 2025.

The ICIS World Synthetic Elastomers Annual Study reviews the global synthetic rubber markets in depth, helping industry participants devise strategies to exploit opportunities for demand and deal with likely restructuring resulting from overcapacity.

Produced by ICIS industry experts, this annual study is a vital and detailed resource to guide you in your decision-making on investments, expansions and capacity planning. It uses reconciled data and takes into account upstream and downstream activity to provide you with a complete picture.

The study is an accurate source of market intelligence that includes valuable information such as forecasts, trade flows, supply, demand and capacities. It also provides predictive commentaries and analysis, from a global and regional perspective, to help derive logical worst and best case scenarios for your business.

The World Synthetic Elastomers Annual Study is an important tool to help you formulate your medium and long term strategic plans. Subscribe to the study today and you will get access to focused market intelligence which you can use to support your business now and for the future. View the World Synthetic Elastomers Annual Study Table of Contents here

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This market outlook article discusses the challenges faced by the synthetic rubber industry around over supply and the potential source of demand.

Free outlook article on the synthetic rubber market. Download here >>


Why invest in the study?
Unrivalled global coverage
Trusted experience you can rely on

Subscribing to the World Synthetic Elastomers Annual Study will help you to make more informed investment and acquisition decisions, taking into account the medium and long term viewpoint.  It also provides evidence and insight to support strategic business planning. 

Informing investment and acquisition decisions

  • Identify potential opportunities from a global and regional market perspective
  • Use forecasts, commentaries and trade flows to identify the best markets and/or regions to invest in
  • Understand and quantify the risks associated with expansion in particular markets

Vital information for your 3-5 year business plan

  • Use the analysis, data and forecasts to plan your resource allocation and optimise business opportunities
  • Understand the impact of current or future developments using detailed global and regional market reviews and outlooks
  • Gain insight into technology developments and how prices evolve in the synthetic rubber markets
  • Identify opportunities and threats to your business using comprehensive supply and demand analysis

A subscription to the World Synthetic Elastomers Annual Study also gives you added value by providing:

  • Automobile market data - giving even greater insight into this major end-user market
  • ICIS expert analysts offering additional guidance on how to get the most from the data included in the study 

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