Indicative Chemical Prices A-Z

This broad list of chemical prices is taken from the 28 August 2006 issue of Chemical Market Reporter (now rebranded and incorporated into ICIS Chemical Business). The list consists of static price indications from that issue. Products marked with an asterisk (*) have been updated to give indicative prices for 2008; those marked + were updated to give indicative prices for 2007.

The posted prices do not necessarily represent levels at which transactions may have actually occurred, nor do they represent bid or asked prices. Price ranges may represent quotations from different suppliers, as well as differences in quantity, quality and location. The prices are intended as a guide and not to be used as a basis for negotiations between producers and customers.

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Prices, US$

Acetaldehyde 99% bulk, frt.alld lb 0.456
*Acetic acid US Gulf, contract list del. lb 0.68
*Acetic acid US Golf, spot f.o.b export lb


Acetic anhydride tanks, dlvd. E. lb 0.48-051
*Acetone US Gulf, contract barges (MMA) lb 0.47-0.53
*Acetone US Golf, contract trucks lb 0.63-0.82
*Acetone US Golf, spot f.o.b. export lb 0.44-062
Acetonitrile  bulk, frt. equalized lb 0.65-0.75
Acetylsalicyclic acid (Asprin)  USP, cryst., powd. 250-lb. dms, c.l., f.o.b. lb 3.70

Acetylsalicylcic acid (Asprin)

 90% granulation, white 250-lb. dms., c.l., f.o.b. lb 3.90
*Acrylate esters  US Gulf, export spot 2EHA lb  0.96-1.05
*Acrylate esters  US Gulf, export spot butyl-A lb  0.90-096
*Acrylate esters  US Gulf, contract FD 2EHA lb 1.20-1.26
*Acrylate esters  US Gulf, contract FD butyl-A lb 1.16-1.20
*Acrylate esters  US Gulf, contract DF ethyl-A lb 1.10-1.13
*Acrylate esters  US Gulf, contract DF methyl-A  lb 1.13-1.56
*Acrylic acid glacial  US Gulf, contract FD lb 1.09-1.12
*Acrylic acid glacial  US Golf, spot export lb 0.84-090
 *Acrylonitrile  US Golf, contract dom. del. lb  0.81-1.10
*Acrylonitrile US Gulf, contract export f.o.b. lb  0.82-1.91
*Acrylonitrile US Gulf, spot f.o.b. export lb 1.25-1.37
*Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin US Gulf, ABS (ext. high) dom. bulk lb 1.33-1.45
*Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin US Gulf, ABS (ext. high) dom. package lb 1.21-1.34
*Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin US Gulf, ABS ( dom.bulk lb 1.33-1.44
*Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin US Gulf, ABS (ext. med) dom. package lb 1.23-1.34
*Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin US Gulf, ABS (inj. high) dom.bulk lb 1.31-1.44
*Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin US Gulf, ABS (inj. high) dom.package lb
*Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin US Gulf, ABS (ink. med) dom. bulk lb 1.34-1.47
*Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin US Gulf, ABS (inj. med) dom. package lb 1.18-1.31
Adipic acid resin resin grade bulk, hopper cars, frt. equald. lb 1.25-1.38
Adipic acid resin bgs., tl., c.l, frt. equald tonne 0.625-0.725
Alumina metalurgical grade, bulk, spot lb 0.775
Aluminum chloride anhydrous, anhyd, bulk, bins, 6 lb. drms, c.l., t.l., works, frt. equald. ton 440.00-455.00
Aliuminum sulfate coml. grd., 50-lb. bgs., c.l., works, frt. equald., 17% Al23, E. and Gulf Coasts ton 0.85-0.90
Aluminum sulphate 5-lb. bgs., c.l., works, frt. equald., 17% Al203, W. Coast ton 335.00
Aluminum sulphate liq. tanks, c.l., works, frt. equald,. 17% A1203, N.E. ton 370.00
Aluminum sulphate iron-free, dry 100-lb. bgs., c.l., works, frt. equald., 17% A1203 ton 425.00
Aluminum sulphate iron-free, liq. tanks, works, frt. equald., 17% A1203 lb 331.00
Aminoacetic acid USP, dms., 20,000 lbs., f.o.b. works kg 2.73
Aminosalicylic acid USP 1,000 kilos or more tonne 126.48
*Ammonia US Gulf, spot c.f.r. Tampa tonne 460.00-745.00
*Ammonia US Gulf, spot f.o.b New Orleans ton 385.81-771.62
Ammonium nitrate dom., fertilizer grade, 33.5% N bulk, S.E. dlvd. ton 169.00-175.00
Ammonium phosphate (diammonium phosphate) fert. grade, min 18% N, 20% P, bulk, c.l., spot, f.o.b. Fla. works tonne 225.00-230.00
Ammonium phosphate (monoammonium phospahte) fert. grade, min. 13% N. 52% P. bulk, c.l., f ton 230.00-240.00
Ammonium sulfate Pacific Northwest, bulk, works short ton 140.00-152.00
Ammonium sulfate MidCorn Belt bulk, works short ton 135.00-144.00
Aniline tanks, f.o.b lb 0.37-0.39
Arabic gum NF, powd. bbls lb 1.85-1.90
Arabic gum spray dried bgs. lb 1.85-1.90
Arabic gum cleaned Kordofan tears bgs. lb 1.90-2.00


a alpha dom. domestic ord. ordinary
alld. allowed E East p- para
amorph. amorphous e.p. end point Pac. Pacific
AMP American melting point equald equalized pf. proof
anhyd. anhydrous exp. expressed phos. phosphate
AOAC Association of Official Agricultural Chemists extr. extracted photo photographic
a.p.a available phosphoric acid f.a.s. free alongside pkgs. packages
approx. approximately FCC Food Chemical Code powd. powdered
artif. artificial ferment. fermentation precip. precipitated
ASTM American Society for Testing & Materials f.f.a. free fatty acid prod. producer
b beta f.f.c. free from chlorine pt. point
Be Baume f.f.p.a. free from prussic acid pulv. pulverized
bbl barrels fib. fiber purif. purified
b.g. beta-gamma f.o.b. free on board redist. redisilled
bgs. bags f.p. freezing point refd. refined
bls. bales frt. freight refy. refinery
bots. bottles g- gamma resub. resublimed
b.p. boiling point gal gallon ret. returnable
b.p.l. bone phosphate of
g.p. general purpose SD specially denatured
b.r. boiling range gran. granular s.d. single distilled
bxs. boxes grd. ground SE Southeast
cbys. carboys i.b.p. initial boiling point sec. secondary
CD completely denatured imp. imported sp.g. specific gravity
c.f.r. cost and freight incl. included ship't shipment
c.i.f. cost insurance and freight indust. industrial soln. soloution
c.l carload kgs. kegs std. standard
cns. cans l- laevo syn. synthetic
conc. concentrated l.c.l. less carload tanks railroad tankcars
cp chemically pure l.t.l. less truckload tech. technical
cps. centipoises liq. liquid tert. tertiary
cryst. crystalline m- meta t.c. tank car
cs. cases m.a.p. aniline point t.l. truckload
ctns. cartons mfrs. manufacturers t.t. tank truck
cyls. cylinders min. minimum TVA temporary voluntary allowance
d- dextro molt. molten t.w. tank wagons
dbl. double m.p. melting point USP US Pharmacopeia
denat. denatured n- normal vis viscosity
dest.- destructively nat. natural VM&P varnish makers & painters
dist. distilled neut. neutral W West
dl dextro-laevo     dist. NF National Formulary whse. warehouse
distr distributor No. number w.w. water-white
dlvd delivered Nom. nominal    
dms drums o- ortho