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Cyclohexane US Transcript

The ICIS cyclohexane report for North America is really one price, and it is a calculated price using an industry-based formula.

That formula is updated monthly whenever the benzene contract settles. So it’s pretty accurate in terms of the industry formula that we use. It’s a kind of a combination of two or three formulas and has changed a little bit over time, but overall our price is pretty accurate when it comes to our assessments.

Our price for cyclohexane really uses a benzene contract price, as its key component. That benzene contract price is updated monthly. That benzene price as well is really timely when it comes to, when it’s updated. It’s really accurate and that is pretty transparent in the market.

So depending on the producer or depending on the individual or the individual company that uses cyclohexane, they may use a number of formulas to formulate the price for cyclohexane. We at ICIS use a general formula which encompass all the formulas that go into cyclohexane.

This cyclohexane report is a very good report, because we do the work for you. You don’t have to worry about going out and looking at all the number of formulas that could be use to determine one cyclohexane price, we do the work for you. It’s updated monthly, its accurate it’s timely, and really we take all the guessing out of it.

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