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What's covered in our Asia Epoxy resins price report
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Epoxy Resins Asia Transcript

The ICIS weekly epoxy resins report in Asia tracks the key Chinese spot market, and exports from Asia for basic liquid epoxy resin, which is the base-grade for all epoxy resins.

The report includes an FOB northeast Asia, and a delivered China assessment.

Feedstock bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin prices are an important driver of epoxy resins prices. Therefore, the report also addresses price movements in the upstream markets.

Working with our colleagues in China, we speak to a wide section of the market including producers, traders and end-users before providing price assessments.

This helps ensure that we have heard from major players in the market and that we give an accurate assessment each week.

The report is highly beneficial for our customers concerned with trading and it helps them make important price decisions.

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