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Ethanolamines Europe Transcript

The ICIS ethanolamines report has assessments for three main grades of ethanolamine that’s monoethanolamine diethanolamine and triethanolamine, and when we’re looking at the triethanolamine, we’re looking at the 99% purity.

We assess the contract market on a monthly basis and within the report commentary itself, we look at what’s going on in the spot market because that can have a guiding influence on where prices might be heading. To back up those price assessments we look at what’s actually going on in those markets itself. How is supply, how is demand, what’s happening upstream in the ethylene, ethylene oxide and ammonia markets, to see how that might have a guiding influence on the price.

We talk to a broad cross-section of people in the market. We talk to buyers and traders, producers, distributors and storage companies. We talk to all of these people to gain a consensus view of what’s happening in the market and what could be happening in times to come.

People use our ethanolamines report in order to inform their business decisions, in order to decide when’s a good time to buy or when’s not such a good time, and really the unique thing about the ICIS report is that it is produced on a weekly basis which allows us to keep up to date on changing trends, or even, you know, important events that happen in the market, it could be a plant explosion or a plant shutdown, which you might not be able to keep up with so regularly with a monthly report.

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