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Ethylbenzene Europe Transcript


ICIS produces a weekly Ethylbenzene report which contains a spot range for free on board North West Europe prices.


Because most of the aromatics players in the region are integrated, spot business for ethylbenzene is fairly uncommon so the price assessments we do are based on what the feedstocks are doing.


The report takes both the current spot levels for benzene and styrene into account as well as the monthly ethylene contract price and the Dollar to Euro exchange rate and formulates the cost of ethylbenzene production.


So, this way you are able to determine whether the EB route for styrene production is financially viable depending on where prices for ethylene, benzene and styrene are.


The report also offers weekly commentary on those products, production news or any general information about what is driving the market. It is a widely read report by our subscribers who find it useful because it allows them to gauge the economics of the market on a week to week basis.

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