ICIS China Coal-to-EG Competitiveness Report

In-depth analysis and forecasts for China’s coal-to-EG market (2014-2018)

China’s imports of ethylene glycol (EG) have remained high in previous years, however, market dynamics are slowly shifting, driven by the boom of coal-to-EG production. This market development favours local producers due to the abundant supply of coal that could be used as an alternative to gas and oil. How does this affect EG exporters to China?

The ICIS China Coal-to-EG Industry Competitiveness Report gives unparalleled intelligence on the coal-to-EG market developments in the country. With thorough analysis of China EG production costs and EG supply/demand data up to 2018, you will be equipped to evaluate opportunities and risks associated with the Chinese EG markets.

Features of the report

  • Overall EG supply in China and the proportion coming from coal-based EG (up to 2018)
  • China’s EG production process
  • China’s EG capacity scale and regional distribution
  • Cost advantage of coal-based production
  • Latest government policies affecting the EG market in China
  • In-depth information on downstream markets

The report addresses the following:

  • What is the advantage of coal-to-EG projects?
  • Will coal-based EG be successfully applied in the polyester industry?
  • If coal-based EG is well applied in derivatives, what will happen to China’s import volumes?
  • How would global producers and traders be affected if coal-based EG is accepted by downstream markets?

China Coal-to-EG Competitiveness Report

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Why Choose ICIS?

  • Local experts and trusted methodology makes our China-based team a globally recognised source of reliable data and analysis
  • Make informed strategy and sales decisions for the next three years, with accurate supply/demand forecast data and expert analysis on key trends in China’s unique EG market