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Fatty acids Europe Transcript


The ICIS European fatty acids weekly report provides price assessments on four grades of material: tallow-oleic and tallow-stearic which are derived from animal fats and palm-oleic and palm stearic, which are sourced from vegetable oils.


Price assessments are updated quarterly and provide contract settlement ranges on a free delivered to northwest Europe basis.


To trace prices from week to week, we speak to producers, buyers, and traders to offer readers an impartial and factual report of the market.


As well as including insight into market sentiment to provide an indication of where future prices may lay, we provide details on spot trades that may have taken place and other fundamentals such as upstream and downstream factors that can influence trends.


As feedstock prices have an immense impact on the ultimate price of fatty acids, the report also includes a designated section on palm feedstock costs from the Far East which trace price increases and decreases.


ICIS is renowned for offering up-to-date and reliable information, and this report offers a crucial insight into market conditions.

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