Manage risk more effectively with ICIS forward curves

The high levels of volatility being seen across the petrochemicals markets continue to make it difficult for industry players to manage mid- and long-term risk and to protect cash flow. Continued economic uncertainty around the globe and a gradual tightening of global supply and demand balances adds to these issues.

ICIS offers a risk management tool for petrochemicals decision-makers that is proven to support hedging price risks in fast-moving markets. Based on real transactions and swaps trades for up to 12 months into the future,  the ICIS forward curve reflects the prices available today, for deals or trades that will be settled in the future.

Our independent forward curves can be used  by producers, traders, plastics processors, finance managers, brokers and banks. 


Ideal for use in the fast-moving petrochemicals industry, ICIS forward curves can benefit your business in many ways:

  • Empowers you to manage risk effectively
  • Enables you to conduct mark-to-market assessments
  • Allows you to evaluate the value of a commodity at a particular point in time


ICIS publishes forward curves for the following commodities and regions



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Price risk is inherent in the Asian polyethylene (PE) industry due to the high volume of spot transactions in the regional market and the greater volatility that it implies. This paper explains how to navigate volatility and manage price risk more effectively.