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For clear insight into regional Methyl ethyl ketone markets, you need in-depth price reports direct from those regions.

That’s why ICIS maintains a network of locally based reporters, providing not just price assessments but market commentary and analysis.

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What's happening in the Methyl ethyl ketone market?

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Methyl ethyl ketone US Transcript


The weekly ICIS report on the US Gulf (USG) market for methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) includes a range for delivered price and domestic market east of the Rocky Mountains. That range usually moves every month or so, but changes can happen more often if market conditions are volatile.


The report also has two ranges for spot prices, one for free on board (FOB) exports and one for FOB ex-tank sales.


The spot prices usually move more often than the domestic price and the report tracks these movements on a week by week basis. To determine what the ranges are, we contact buyers, sellers and traders to get their input on current pricing, and also take into account a broad look at all the factors influencing the market.


This means the report includes news on developments in the upstream markets and the big picture of what is going on in the end use sectors.


A very important part of the report is what is going on with production, because plant shutdowns can have an immediate and significant impact on the pricing as supply tightens up.


We also track developments in MEK trade flows to keep tabs on that side of the supply situation. It is an excellent report for delivering price transparency and explaining the reasons behind how prices are behaving.


Subscribers really need to know the dynamics of the market to be able to make their own decisions on buying and selling and this report gives them the information they need.

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