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What's covered in our Asia Nylon price report
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Nylon Asia Transcript


The ICIS nylon Asia Pacific report covers a spot semi-dull nylon 6 chips for the northeast Asian (NE Asia) region on a weekly basis


It also covers pricing information on the nylon 6 fully drawn yarn (FDY), nylon 6 partial orientated yarn (POY), and industrial tyre cord grades.


ICIS reports deals, bids, offers and buy/sell ideas across NE Asia giving subscribers and indicative trend of the price movements.


Price assessments are made after communicating with major industry experts and then analysing this information.


Demand and supply conditions and the influence of the feedstock caprolactam market on nylon can also be found in this report.


The report is of great use to our customers as it offers them a clear overview of the market. This reliable and accurate information helps them understand key price trends.

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Nylon news and market information products from ICIS

We offer the following regional Nylon coverage to keep you informed of factors and developments affecting prices in the Asia Nylon marketplace.

  • Price reporting

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    Price History – More information about the historical price data we publish on Gas

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    News & Analysis -  News & market analysis specifically relating to Nylon

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